Amnesia 2018

Amnesia album is a first full lenght INNERSPHERE record. It was recorded in 2 different periods – in August 2017 was recorded “Black Forest” single, which was published in September on YouTube as a sample of upcoming album. The rest of this 10 songs album was recorded in January 2018 and is scheduled to be released in Spring this year. Amensia was recorded in The Barn studio as EP before – recorded, mixed and mastered by Dan Friml (Mean Messiah).

  This album is different from previously recorded EP in 2016 – it is a concept album telling a story and bringing us in various, mostly melancholic shaped moods. Next diferences are changed guitar/bassguitar player styles due to previous lineup change, different attitude to compostition (where all music is written only by Mira Litomericky), focusing on only one lead vocal, also featuring a guest on church organ in song Asylum… The album has also a different sound – it is smoother though it still keeps its pace.

10 DECEASED (instrumental)

Amnesia lineup:
Mira Litomericky – lead vocals, guitars
Lukas Mai – guitars
Jan Katas Karel – bassguitar, backing vocals
Tomas Lebenhart – drums, percussions

guest: Marek “Markko” Pišl (“Asylum”; church organ sampels)

Label: METALGATE Records
Released on 26th April 2018
Recorded at: “The Barn” studio
Recorded, mixed, produced by: Dan Friml (Mean Messiah)
Recorded in: August 2017, January 2018
Album artwork, booklet by: Marek “Markko” Pišl (Quercus)
Black Forest artwork by: Mira Litomericky
Photography: Karel “Kabrio” Kovařík

Black Forest single artwork:
Black Forest square

Press message from Metalgate – about amnesia:

Self-sacrifice in the name of true love:


  Spring is whimsical, whereupon all the sayings about April weather are not unfounded. So, if the horizon now appears sunny, be warned that a dark storm is brewing in western regions of Czech Republic. Its name is INNERSPHERE and it will hit with full force on April 26, vis-á-vis its debut album “Amnesia”, which will present you on the scope of ten tracks a comprehensive story, revolving around the motif of love.
  It is thus indeed symbolic that “Amnesia” is released in Spring (though its plot takes place in a different season), for as Karel Hynek Mácha already wrote: May is the time of love. However, if you are at all familiar with the work of this acclaimed Czech poet, you may know that his famous “Máj” poem is anything but optimistic. Similarly, “Amnesia” also contrasts love with much darker motifs of nihilism, self-sacrifice and painful purgatory, hence instead of pink glasses, get ready for a dark and dreary narrative that will not give you pleasant feelings at all.
  The story opens with a nameless man, who one September night rushes home, gripped by fear, only to find his beloved dead. His despair and contemplation of suicide are however pushed aside by a last glimmer of hope that perhaps his beloved could be revived by the enigmatic beings that dwell in the forbidden black forest. The resurrection is a success, but demands a terrible price to be paid by the main character. He falls into madness and commits horrific deeds, which become even more soul-crushing as the hero eventually regains his sanity. Now, driven by guilt and conscience, he surrenders himself to justice. The whole tale then reaches its tragic conclusion at the stake…
  Interestingly, Amnesia” was not originally conceived as a conceptual piece. It was not until the recording session that the band realized the continuity of individual songs, which in turn gave the album a new dimension in the sense that each song is simultaneously a part of a larger whole, as well as a standalone piece, as each tells its own tale, derived from feelings and states of mind.
  And if after reading the plot synopsis, the notion of Romanticism creeps into your mind, then indeed, for with its combination of romance, supernatural and personal tragedy the lyrical side of the album references the golden tradition of this artistic movement that, in spite of its name, enriched especially literature with an unbelievable load of horror and ruin.
  Thus, this time, ignore the blooming cherry trees and instead, direct your Spring wanderings into gloomy ruins and gloomier graveyards, and enjoy the truly Romantic Spring. “Amnesia” will serve you as the ideal soundtrack!
BW skupina mensi

“The children of black forest will aid me
Hundreds of wisps and vague shapes to meet
To bring her body and beg for a spell
Lay you on the moonstone and reanimate”
Black Forest