EP 2016

“InnerSphere EP” is a debut record of the band. It was recorded in September 2016 in studio The Barn (CZ), mixed and mastered by Dan Friml (Mean Messiah). The EP was released without label on 22nd October 2016 in Nová Chmelnice – Praha.

The EP has very specific sound. We wished to have the EP sounding live-like so it is more raw and agressive. By that time there were 2 lead vocalists in InnerSphere – Mira and Tomas (ex) so you can hear both almost 50/50 present on this record. Another specific thing is presence of fretless bassguitar playing many various melodies through all the songs. The tracklist is made of the very first songs of the band recorded within first year of it’s existence. Nowadays, the EP can be played almost everywhere on the internet for free.

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  1. Prologue (intro)
  2. Thread
  3. Creation
  4. Inner Sphere
  5. Distant Space

EP lineup:

Mira Litomericky – guitars, vocals
Tomas Srsen – guitars, vocals (ex)
David Hradilek – fretless bassguitar (ex)
Tomas Lebenhart – drums
Label: none
Released on: 22nd October 2016
Recorded at: “The Barn” studio
Recorded, mixed, produced by: Dan Friml (Mean Messiah)
Recorded in: SEptember 2016
Album artwork, booklet by: Mira Litomericky
Photography: Ivo “Oskar” Osvald


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lineup from October 2016:
David Hradilek, Tomas Srsen, Tomas Lebenhart, Mira Litomericky

zspolecna 15

“Tell me do you believe in eternity?
I’ve reached the void of my humanity
A black star is calling me from distant space
So far from you – but so close to embrace me…”

Distant Space