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“Dive into a grotesque world – world where once walked giants, where is none perpetual master, place where everything gets destroyed and yet recreated. Follow the path into inner self, into own mind a see the eternal conflict and harmony in one place. Conflict of men and nature, conflict inside of us, conflict of raw physical powers. Dive into the abyss to see the light!”

Innersphere is a czech extreme metal band, mostly tagged as melodic-death metal, established in Pilsen in Autumn 2015, active since May 2016. You can hear influences from many genres of rock and metal music through the discography – typical are many melancholic melodies on a more progressive structure of songs, various vocal techniques using growl, screams, but also a clean vocal when all in band are singing. The focus is mostly on the atmosphere of songs, which is dark, epic, mystic, supported by sampled orchestration. The main course is to create songs with which you can connect, feel them, to have emotional impact, delivering the fruitiest experience not only from a record, but also live.

The lyrical topics are various through discography – some songs are based on own thoughts, fighting inner self and overcoming burdens (psychological), some are metaphores to a life experience placed on a fictive story or into metaphors (kind of a diary), but also legends and thoughts of world as itself. Unfortunately, one of our song is influenced by the conflict in Europe. This is harsh reminder of mankind’s behaviour, it’s stupidity and forgetfulness. We definitely are not supporting that.

In these days the band is about to make a next step forward. A new, 3rd full length album is already recorded and mastered, ready to press and the band is actually looking for a label to release it. There were also shot 2 videoclips already, which will be published as the release date will come closer. A few songs from the upcoming album are already beeing played live.

Also there is a need to manage reedition of last album “OMFALOS” from 2021 as it is almost sold-out. Possibly to be released on a vinyl as the album is still actual and played.

Why there is a need of change of label? Sadly, our former label Slovak Metal Army is not working anymore because it’s director Jura “Popol” Haríň died from a serious illness. Rest in peace dear friend.

This does not stop the effort to push forward, to develop the music, write and play new songs, perform for people, get the music discovered and heard. For that is a great need of a solid partner to cooperate with. And if Innersphere is about something, it is about progress.


2015 – Autumn – established a project of Mira Litomericky and Tomas Srsen (ex-guitarist), who worked together on a new concept of a band and wrote the first songs of Innersphere

2016 – May – first Innersphere lineup with Tomáš Lebenhart on drums and David Hradilek on bassguitar, both guitarists as lead singers, music oriented more into thrash/death.

2016 October – a debut EP (which is sold out since ca 2018) was released and followed by a lineup change. Style of music gets more progressive and melodic. Lukas Mai joins the band on guitar, Jan Karel on bassguitar. First international concerts are performed.

2017 – first summer festivals in our homeland, first bigger tour CZ/PL/SK/HU/RO. Also a first single “Black Forest” is recorded and published.

2018 1st full length album “AMNESIA” is recorded at “The Barn” studio, and then released under Metalgate Records on 25th April (digipack only). Release is followed by a tour, the band performs at Brutal Assault festival for the first time. In the Autumn, Marek Hubocky joins the band on bass guitar.

2019 – was a year full of concerts combining a tour with CZ bands Nahum + Purnama and also own shows in AT/PL/DE/CR/SK… During this tour most of music on next album was written. Focusing on further developing our own way, creating a technical solutions which pushes the performance further.

2020 – a big tour counting around 40 concerts in Feb 2020 and more were to be booked. But then Covid 19 and all restrictions dumped all these plans counting many European concerts and activities, playing live and sometimes even practicing together were put to ice. Also growing problems with former drummer’s enthusiasm led to final lineup change – a young, talented Filip Wintr joined the band 10 days before studio recording of album “Omfalos” began, in May 2020. Filip delivering superb performance pushes the band forward and we begin to use more technical atributes as midi operating tasks (guitar efects), metronome with sampling machine for orchestration,… During this year, less concerts were played and the band focused on the 2nd album release and surviving the C19 time with reasonable mental health.

2021 February 2nd full length album “OMFALOS” is released under Slovak Metal Army a spread mostly via internet and social media. (only as jewelcase/slipcase) “Regular” tour and festivals began in June, counting Metalgate Czech Death fest (CZ), Siekiera festiwal (PL), Josefstadt by Brutal Assault (CZ), Metal Madness (CZ),… club shows were still under various restrictions, but happened.

2021 – July – Slovak Metal army director Jura Popol Harin had unexpectedly died of illness during the new album promotion and solving vinyl press. The further cooperation with SMA is not possible, there is no responsible person to solve any matters and the band was found in a situation of released album, promoting it on its own still during C19. The band decided to look for a new label when a material for a new album is made. First edition of “Omfalos is almost sold out after 2 years from it’s release. New songs for upcoming album are beeing written since Jan 2021.

2022 – concerts are finally relatively ok and Innersphere joined forces with Welicoruss / Hellblast promotion and book shows together. This cooperation works well and lasts till today. During this year, Innersphere appeared at many festivals – mentioning Basinfire fest (CZ), Vienna Metal Meeting (AT), Mammut festival (DE),.. A new album “IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN” was recorded at The Barn studio during September 2022. The band focuses on live shows and album preparations since then, searching for a suitable partner for releasing. Also the band manages to have light/fog show fully midi programmed which pushes the show forward.

2023 – common tour with Welicoruss combined with other gigs and festivals. This year Innersphere will appear at original Brutal Assault for the 2nd time and Březovská Metalová noc. A minitour with Maahes is scheduled for May 2023, shows in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands are booked and more still communicated. Also, Mira Litomericky, Lukas Mai and Marek Hubocky are newly endorsed by Coffee audio – Coffe custom cabs. (these cabinets are really great ones – 10/10 Innerspheres recommends)

Also a new logo is made and used since the beginning of 2023 – artwork designer Daniela “Dahlien” Neumannová.

There is a list of shows in 2023 which is updated through time. Already couple of show for 2024 are communicated too.

There are couple of information to the new album “IN THE SHADOW OF THE SUN” which we want to release – it is a 10 songs album of total play time 47:50. The music was recorded in September 2022 at The Barn studio with producer Dan Friml who made also mixing and mastering. Topic of this album are various, as mentioned upon – some are psychological (Obsidian, Nectar, In the Shadow of the Sun), some are about a myth/legend curved to our own vision (Petrichor, The Old Man of Storr – inspired by scottish legend, Ozymandias – sonet by P.B.Shelley)… Musicaly it is more epic than previous albums, containing more mellotron orchestrations, clean vocal choirs. We wanted to create a colorful album with solid sound, atmosphere and catchy moments. We also decided, that we will try to paint our own artwork which evolved in few prototypes below.

There is a link to Youtube to listen mastered record. (please do not mind the art on the video)

There are lyrics to all songs contained – prepared as a prototype for booklet:

If there are any question or detail wanted, let us know. There is a contact below. We will be glad for cooperation
E-mail: InnersphereBooking@gmail,com
Phone: +420 725 810 690
FB: Mira Litomericky







OMFALOS” was recorded at The Barn studio in May 2020, released in February 2021 under Slovak Metal Army only as jewelcase in slipcase. Intro + 9 songs leads us to an old unknown, dying world where all new life was born like a Phoenix from a fire. This album is partly a concept telling a story of the last survivors – a girl and a tree who embraced themselves and grown into a single being which was the spring of a new life after an ultimate catastrophy. The world is reborn, mankind to with all it’s pettiness – a man cuts out the girl from the tree leading to it’s decline and the two fall in love… Omfalos is kind of a prequel to the 1st album.

– We would like to do reedition on CDs/digipack a vinyl
Tracklist: Presentiment, The Darkest Hour (lyric video), Above, Fire (lyric video), Omfalos (videoclip), Wisdom, Blackness, Nature of Sorrow, The Embodiment, The Fall
Full album stream:

AMNESIA” was recorded at The Barn studio August 2017-January 2018, released on 25th April 2018 under METALGATE Records as digipack. This album contains intro, 8 songs and instrumental epilogue song. This album is a transient album from the early days and harsh debut EP to the more progressive, epic, melancholic style, yet it still posses an influence of thrash and black metal. The story focuses on a story of a man who lost his love and would do anything to bring her back to life – he is succesful but for a big price – his mind. After he awakes to reality, the protagonist faces his destiny…

Tracklist: Proem, Shape the Nihilism, Black Forest, Tell me, Asylum, Presence, Amnesia, Impure, When the Empire Falls, Deceased

Full album stream:

Mira Litomericky – vocal, guitar
Lukas Mai – guitar, back vocal
Marek Hubocky – bassguitar, back vocal
Filip Wintr – drums, back vocal