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2016: “INNERSPHERE – EP” – miniablumb with 4 songs + intro, self released
2017: “BLACK FOREST” – single from album “Amnesia”, released on YT in September
2018: “AMNESIA” – full lenght, conceptual album released on 26th April 2018 under MetalGate Records

INNERSPHERE – When the Empire Falls (from Amnesia)Youtube Video 6ulf3AHcN_wINNERSPHERE – Black Forest (from Amnesia)

Youtube Video HQXKO4J11jI INNERSPHERE – Thread (from EP 2016)

Youtube Video PHEWjPC0aWE

 “Emptiness, fear, the darkness in me
A Cold Place all hidden in the shadows
Worse than death – is be a nothing
A ghost in this unreal world”

Inner Sphere