Hey, thanks all for supporting us at Brutal Assault festival this year. It was an honour for us to play there and we really enjoyed this gig.

InnerSphere Brutal Assault

What will be next? Check the Armagedon of Decibels festival in Pilsen. It is first year of this venue, anyway there is a lot of metal waiting for you !! See you there. The Pilsen will shake. \m/


Also don’t forget to find us on Spotify, I-tunes, Bandcamp and many more. There is a whole discography to be heard and anlso downloaded.

InnerSphere’s Amnesia tour to the new album is done. Thank you all for supporting us a being a great crowd !! \m/ As you can see, there is a moment from the last gig in Pilsen, where the new CD was also baptised and played whole.

photo by: Jiří Platzer

 What will be now? We are actually working on new songs. There is a lot of stuff we made and gathered during last months, tour,… so we are focused on this right now.

Also the are a gigs to come and few great annoucments to be told in near future. Be ready to share it together. It are mostly concerts and tours to be published.

Meanwhile the new album AMNESIA was uploaded and published on various social media webs + BandCamp, Spotify, I-Tunes and many more. You can find it there, listen and enjoy it. If you want to support the band, you are always welcome to do so.